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Meet LouLou's Sew Pro Staff

~ Trisha ~


I love to craft! The last few years I have really channeled that love into quilting.  I come from a long line of sewer and quilters. My mom sewed most all of our church clothes and even made all of my sisters and my own wedding dress! Speaking of my wedding. A couple days before my wedding my grandmother in law to be gave me a big heavy box. She told me that if I didn't like what was in it she would give me a check. I opened it to find the most stunning quilt I had ever seen! She could not have given it to a more appreciative person! It was made by her mother when she was a young mother. I treasure it and it is always placed in a carefully selected location each time we have moved. It is quilt made completely of yo-yo's! It is registered with the Virginia Historic Society and I love it! Funny side story. My children have never tried to touch it but almost every non sewing friend that comes in my house does.
I began sewing like many children of the 70's. In Home Economics! My mom was unable to teach me because I was so impatient.  When I had children of my own I caught the bug. Starting with baby blankets, Halloween costumes and simple clothes.  That moved on to home decor and once I started quilting there was no going back! It is very safe to say I am self taught. Trial and error and a good seam ripper were my friends. My husband said that when I finally bought my "good sewing" machine I was no longer fun to watch because I stopped yelling at my machine!
I do have a full time job and am pretty busy. I always tell people if I sew for them it means I really love them! I love making gifts from the heart. I cherish hand made gifts! 
I am a mother to 2 teenagers and have been married for almost 23 years. I have to keep my hands busy always. So when I am traveling all over with my 14 yr old volleyball player or in between games I am hand stitching. My son is leaving on a 2 year mission for our church, I am still trying to figure out how he is 18!  Quilting will help me stay busy while he is away. Less time to fret!  

Instagram: trishamacqueen


~ Amy ~

Although I received my first sewing machine as a gift in 1998, I didn’t truly get bitten by the sewing bug until I moved to Utah and walked into my first quilt shop in 2013. My machine has stayed out of its box ever since. I love to learn new skills and take on new projects such as bags and clothing, but my real passion lies in constructing quilts. Traditional blocks composed of bold, beautiful color are the basis of my favorite creations. I spent a year working in one of Northern Utah’s most beloved quilt shops until it recently closed its doors, and am delighted to now share my talents and passion for sewing as a part of LouLou’s Sew Pro Staff.

Instagram: eliames




~ Celeste ~

 My name is Celeste and I create. I enjoy using the talents God has blessed me with to bless others.  Most of the time when I create, I quilt – big quilts, mini quilts, and all those quilts in between.  I have also been known to create other sewn treasures - bags, pins, etc.   I adore bright colors and fabrics that have a vintage feel.  And I love free motion quilting!  My mom is a beautiful seamstress and taught my sisters and me how to quilt when we were young.  I didn’t enjoy it much back then, but not long after I had my first child, almost 14 years ago, I caught the quilting bug!  When I am not quilting, I spend a good portion of my days homeschooling our five amazing children.  If there’s time left over I love to read and hunt for Pyrex. 

Instagram: @celestecreates





~ Sandee ~

Hi, I'm Sandee, a Hawaii girl, born and raised on Oahu and spent most of my adult life there. I moved to California with my husband, Vincent in 2012.
I travel back to Hawaii whenever I can and have an adult daughter, Hope, that lives there. What I miss most about Hawaii is of course family, the food and the beautiful beaches.
I sewed my first pair of shorts in high school Home Economics class. I've always enjoyed creating and had dabbled in sewing throughout the years. When I moved to California I took sewing lessons because I wanted to make my dog a pair of pajamas and couldn't figure out the pattern. I stumbled on quilting quite by accident and discovered my true passion. A self taught quilter I'm still discovering my style, learning and making mistakes. I'm obsessed with colors and fabric and making beautiful things. In this "disposable" society we live in handcrafting is something to be cherished. I believe you leave a part of yourself woven into the threads and fibers of everything you create.
Whether I have a half hour or the whole day to sew, I try and do what I love every day.
When I'm not sewing I enjoy antique hunting, spending time with my husband and my dogs Arturo and Bella.
You can find me on Instagram at sandeepacific where I post about sewing and daily life.

Instagram: sandeepacific

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